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Conversations Can Concrete Krsna Consciousness

Hare Krishna
Please accept my humble obeisances also dear prabhu,
All glories to Srila Prabhupad!

Date: January 09, 2017

First of all, it has been just a fantastic feeling having met you and discovering the common play-field! Krsna willing, we certainly have a long and promising journey ahead. I’m sure we’ll have loads to add to each other’s spiritual lives. Let us together pray for perpetual mercy of Srila Prabhupad, other previous acharyas and entire vaishnav community, Sri Guru Gouranga Jayatah!

You rightly mentioned that conversations can concrete Krsna Consciousness, or God Consciousness in lay man’s language. And very salt of such conversations is ‘faith’.

Faith is like a glass wall. It may catch dust, attract colours, shine brightly to reflect at others, or may even break if not handled with care. It is so much like a new to life sapling who’s fate depends on so many vital factors. It is indeed difficult to realise how your faith is taking shape because through the same text of Bhagvad Gita, you may think you’re God, or may realise Krsna as Supreme God. Similarly, there can be hundred other purports that can be derived by the faithless. So in my view, unflinching faith to love God as God and yourself as His eternal servant, is a matchless gift in all the three worlds. What ripens this fruit like gift further, is the association of such exuberantly amazing people who share that similar sentiment. After all, happiness shared is happiness multiplied!

Our foundations really evolve the way look at world, but our conversations really evolve the world we look at! It changes the half empty glass of your life to half full, but obviously through the right choices of people we make. How we meet people is not really in our hands, but whether we fold our hands to pray to that Almighty, by who’s energies all the arrangements are controlled, is really in our hands to seek our share of fortune. Great saints have begged for association of like-minded devotees. Why! Because even a nearly self-realised man cannot relish the mellows that the beginner in that process may experience due to the association and conversations they make. Just a simple encouragement from you Bhilash, has made me double enthusiastic to share my thoughts about my realisations of the Truth, and I’m sure you are awaiting my writings with deeper anticipation. Today I know if I say why God stuck me for hours in traffic, you’d remind me it’s because He wants to save you from a greater danger. And that’s what this interesting game is about! Because life is really a game of controlling mind…




A person who is at the first step of realizing his true identity.

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